Larch fencing panels suppliers in London

Secure your garden with help from the team at Leyton Fencing & Landscaping.

Larch panels available in a range of sizes and shapes

Make your garden look traditional with the popular larch lap panels from Leyton Fencing & Landscaping of London. Right from the supply to the installation stage, we will do everything to provide you with a flawless finish. We supply:

Larch fences
Larch and trellis fences
Garden divide fences
Larch fencing panel – Available sizes
6ft x 6ft • 6ft x 5ft • 6ft x 4ft • 6ft x 3ft

Wooden Post – Available sizes
10ft – 3″x3″ • 10ft – 4″x4″ • 8ft – 3″x3″ • 8ft – 4″x4″ (Longer posts are available)

Quality Fencing

Made from high quality wood, our fence panels will last a long time and provide excellent value for your money. All our products come with a 5 year guarantee.

Choose from a range of fence panels

In addition to supplying larch fence panels, we also supply feather edge panels, trellis fencing panels and Jacksons fencing panels. You can also contact us for decking services.

Make your fence look great with larch fencing panels from Leyton Fencing & Landscaping.