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Trellis fencing panel suppliers in London

To choose from a large range of high quality fencing panels, contact the team at Leyton Fencing & Landscaping.

Trellis fencing panels

Fencing is a great way to add to the privacy and security of your garden. At Leyton Fencing Decking & Landscaping, we manufacture all our fencing at our premises in London. Using expert craftsmanship and quality materials, we can create durable, versatile and sturdy fence panels. Fences we can build include:

Side fences
Roadside fences
Traditional nail-up feather edge fences
Some more details are below:

Concrete gravel boards – Available sizes
6ft Long by 12″ • 6ft Long by 6″
7ft Long by 12″ • 7ft Long by 6″
Dish, plain and brick faced

Concrete posts – Available sizes
10ft • 9ft • 8ft • 7ft • 6ft
(11ft and 12ft available as a special order)
Corner posts also available

Aesthetically appealing fixtures

You do not have to sacrifice good looks for security. Our purpose-built panels are great to look at and can be customised to suit your property’s decor.

Comprehensive services

You can also contact us for Jacksons fencing panels and KDM fencing panels. We also provide landscaping services and install garden sheds.

To explore our range of trellis fencing panels, call Leyton Fencing Decking & Landscaping.